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Current Price List

Upper Lip             $99                         Breast / Areola        $125
Chin                     $125                        Navel                        $125  
Side Burns         $125                        Bikini Line                $149 
Cheeks               $125                        Extended Bikini       $179
Uni-brow              $89                         Brazilian                   $229
Ears                     $125                        Male Genitals          $259
Upper Lip/Chin  $175                        Buttocks                   $229
Lip/Chin/Neck    $259

Neck (back)        $159                         Lower Legs            $299
Neck (front)         $159                         Upper Legs            $299
Upper arms        $199                         Inner Thighs           $199
Fore arms           $199                         Feet                          $125
Under arms        $125                         Full legs / Feet       $499
Full arms             $349                        Toes                          $99
Hands                  $125
Arms / Hands     $399

Lower back         $229
Upper back         $229
Chest                   $229
Abdominals        $229
Shoulders           $199
Back/Shoulder   $399
Chest/Abd.          $399

Description of Treatment Areas

Upper Lip
- the corners of the mouth to the nose
Chin - the lower lip to the junction of the chin and the front of the neck
Side Burns - area 1 inch in front of the ears
Cheeks - from the lower ear across the cheeks to the jawline (not including chin or lip)
Uni-brow - center of brow
Ears - exterior only

Neck (back) - from end of hairline to top of T-shirt collar
Neck (front) - junction of chin and neck to the top of the collarbones
Chest - area made by the rib cage
Abdominals - area from lower rib cage to top of pubic bone
Lower back - lower tip of shoulder blades to top of buttocks
Upper back - area over and between the shoulder blades
Shoulders - from the collarbone in the front to the top of the shoulder blades in the back

Breast / areola - area surrounding the nipple and cleavage area
Navel - area surrounding the navel and strip down to pubic bone
Upper arms - arm to the elbow (front and back), does not include shoulder
Fore arms - elbow to wrist
Under arms - the axilla, 'arm-pits'
Full arms - upper arms and fore arms
Hands - wrist to the tip of the fingers

Lower legs - from the knees to the ankles
Upper legs - from the bikini area to the top of the knees
Inner thigh - only the inside of the upper legs
Feet - from the ankle to the toes
Full legs and feet - upper and lower legs with feet
Toes - only the toes

Bikini line - 1 inch out from undergarment line and 1/2 inch in
Extended bikini - 3 inches out from line and 1 inch in
Brazilian - full area under the undergarment including area around the anus (does not include buttocks)
Male genitals - bikini area and scrotum
Buttocks - the glutes

                                                        --- Price is per treatment ---

                                                          Prices subject to change